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In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco

Choose highly recommended care at In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco,  a Centre of Excellence for the treatment of headaches and migraines

Why put up with musculoskeletal pain and limitation?

Contact Helen now at In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco for effective treatment and dynamic rehabilitation. 

I diagnose and treat, neck and back pain, hip, knee and hand arthritis, and patellofemoral dysfunction.

*Short information sessions are also available.

Who will benefit from seeing a Specialist Physiotherapist?

You will benefit from my knowledge, experience, and clinical skills in treating musculoskeletal problems if you:

  • Have an acute new problem needing diagnosis and treatment
  • Are unsure of what your problem is but want to help yourself
  • Want an educative and dynamic treatment approach
  • Have complex pain that is not responding to treatment
  • Are looking for guidance on what to do next
  • Need assistance to modify your exercise program

Why choose In Touch Physiotherapy for your musculoskeletal problems?

I am a leading Physiotherapist with “The Australian College of Physiotherapists” recognised advanced Specialist training. This means that I provide you with highly skilled and passionate care. You will have time to tell your story and to discuss your needs and goals. We can work together to achieve optimal outcomes. I use information, gentle mobilisation, muscle treatments and both posture and movement retraining, not machines.

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

My Cognitive Based Functional approach integrates the latest research-based Physiotherapy and Pain knowledge, with your individual symptoms and signs. My aim is to reduce your pain and help you move more freely. Learning new skills means you can care for your body – now and in the future.

  Whatever your age or fitness level,  In Touch Physiotherapy can optimise your recovery 

Call now, or book online, and discover how I can help.

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