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Second Opinion Consultations

Diagnostic and Planning Advice – Second Opinion Reviews

As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at In Touch Physiotherapy in Subiaco, I assess clients for a second opinion.

This is valuable when clients are not achieving good outcomes from other physiotherapy treatment.

I review compensation clients (with a referral from a GP, Specialist doctor or Insurance Company). I also see private clients (with referral from their doctor, physiotherapist or via self-referral.)

After a comprehensive assessment I provide a written summary of my main findings, a diagnosis or classification, and analysis of how this fit with the client’s main problem. I make suggestions for alternative physiotherapy approaches, or medical assessment, investigative diagnostics or procedures as needed.

I welcome treating physiotherapist to attend their clients’ assessment. My aim is to empower your client with accurate information, a clear diagnosis, or categorisation of their problem and to help you their physiotherapist to help them to progress more efficiently and achieve a better outcome.

If you would like to know more please phone Helen 93816166 or


Specialist Diagnosis, Opinion and Advice

Second Opinion Consultations

  • As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, I assess clients for a second opinion.
  • If you or your client is not achieving an optimal outcome from other treatment, please make a time for a consultation.
  • I see private and compensation clients.
  • I welcome treating physiotherapists to attend their client’s assessment.
  • My aim is to empower your client with accurate information, a clear diagnosis or classification of their problem.
  • My guidance is directed to how you might assist your client to progress more efficiently.
  • My report will include detailed information to assist both you and your client.

If you would like to know more, please phone Helen 93816166 or

Treatment Tips and Information


What is Healthshare Information?

Healthshare is a website where readers ask questions of a range of health practitioners. You can read the answers I have supplied to these frequently asked questions. Click here: Helen Potter expert answers powered by Healthshare.

Readers of Healthshare tend to be confused by a variety of information or are just looking for other opinions to help themselves make a choice about healthcare. If you are searching for  more detail you may like to search particular topics from my Home Page e.g: Pain, Migraine and Headache Clinic, Back Pain, McKenzie Treatment, Neck Treatment etc

Information on Healthshare includes:

  • How do you treat back pain?
  • What is Ankylosing Spondylitis?
  • Helpful Tips to care for headaches.
  • What does a diagnosis of disc injury mean?

From my Home Page you can seek detailed information about pain and about Headaches and Migraines.

Privacy Statement – In Touch Physiotherapy


At In Touch Physiotherapy, I respect your privacy (Privacy Act 1988) and aim to develop and maintain your trust and confidentiality. I will always treat you with courtesy and listen to your story. The contact and health information you provide assists my provision of appropriate and safe healthcare. I de-identify contact information before statistical use.

Information Disclosure

I may disclose private information to your medical practitioner or health professional unless you request otherwise. Only minimal contact information goes to health or third party insurers for claims assessment. However, if you request I do not communicate something private for an insurance claim, this may affect your cover. You may access any information I have about you but as it takes time to prepare files for written release, I may charge a fee.

Further contact

I like to contact you six weeks after your last consultation to check on your progress, request feedback or to notify you of new services. Please advise me if you prefer not to have this contact. Your health is my concern. I welcome any feedback you have to offer.

For any further enquiries, please see The APA Privacy Statement


Consultation Privacy

Informed consent for physiotherapy

I will inform you of the benefits and risks of treatment, and discuss goal setting and decision-making. All forms of treatment carry some risk but this is usually minimal. As a Specialist with extensive knowledge of the latest research and treatment guidelines I will explain the benefits and risks to allow you to make and informed decision. Your attendance is informal consent for usual treatment but I will ask you to provide written consent, after discussion, for high velocity manipulation. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspects of the consultation please let me know immediately. You may withdraw consent for treatment at any time.

Helen Potter FACP
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

(As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)

Gallery – Helen Potter Photography

Photography is a fun activity. In my spare time I look for sunny situations and photograph peoples’ furbabies. In Spring you will find me at Kings Park or Wireless Hill stooping low to catch some orchid beauty. This year was a spectacular season with masses of Fire Orchids appearing after a small bushfire. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

My new photography business is called “Furry Friends Fotos”. You will find some of my photographs at, or email me at for prices and options.

My dog KoKo also writes a blog at and shares my photos to his doggie mates and their owners. Koko is a Subiaco Celebrity and has appointed himself to the position of President of the Subiaco Dog group. He often writes to the Post Community Newspaper or the City of Subiaco to make his point. We keep the Subiaco Community up to scratch with our latest suggestions for improvement or change.

running-with-my-mate-helen-potter-photography             let-sleeping-dogs-lie_-helen-potter-photography


dog-play-helen-potter-photography             Helen Potter Photography

Lots more photos to come!

We hang out at Richard Diggins Park in Park St just around the corner to our home and go for long walks to Subiaco Cafes. KoKo is renowned for his Puppicino drinking and for saying “hello” to kids. We also visit Berrington Nursing Home in Jolimont on Fridays to share some wine and cheese with the residents. KoKo gets lots of cuddles when he does his tricks and dances to the music.

The last few years I have managed to have a photo reach the City of Subiaco Photography finals but just not inventive enough to win. As a new experience for 2016 I have jointed witih 20 “Snap Happy” photographers to display four photos each at the Moores Gallery in Fremantle November 18th to 27th. I feel excited to be part of a project. Hope to see you there.

Helen Potter Photography

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