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In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco – Musculoskeletal

Benefit from Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy excellence – for treatment of headache and migraine, neck and back pain, hip and knee arthritis or injury, rehabilitation and patello-femoral dysfunction.

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
 (As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)

As a leading Physiotherapy Specialist, with The Australian College of Physiotherapists recognised highest level of clinical training, I will provide you with skilled and passionate care. During each consultation you will have time to tell your story and to discuss your needs and goals. We can then work together to achieve optimal outcomes

Musculoskeletal treatment of Headache and Migraine   Foot knee and hip exercises   Hands on musculoskeletal physiotherapy for knee problems

You will benefit from my knowledge, experience, and clinical skills if you:

  • Have an acute new problem needing assessment and treatment
  • Are unsure of the diagnosis of your problem
  • Have osteoarthritis and want to help yourself
  • Have a complex problem that has not responded well to other treatment
  • Are looking for guidance on what to do next

My goal is to identify the cause of your problem and the factors influencing your pain and limitations. i do this by analysing your pain presentation, posture and movement patterns. My evidence-based treatment will match your individual symptoms and signs and assist you to move more efficiently. Education on new skills will help you to care for your body – now and in the future.

My dynamic approach integrates the latest research based Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Pain Management techniques. My vision is to exceed your needs and goals.

Whatever your age or fitness level,

In Touch Physiotherapy can assist your recovery from musculoskeletal disorders.

Call now, or book online, and discover how much I can help.

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