#choosephysio, Cruciateligament

Posted by Helen Potter on 29 May 2018 | Filed under In Touch Physiotherapy, Tips

Below is a great infographic created by leading knee injury researchers and British Journal of Sports Medicine editors Dr. Adam Culvenor and Dr. Christian Barton, challenging clinicians who manage ACL tears to prioritise high-quality, graded rehabilitation first before considering reconstruction surgery. For all of the 1000’s of trials comparing the various types of surgical techniques to ‘reconstruct’ the ACL, the best available research shows no apparent benefit of surgery, physiotherapy and exercise over physiotherapy and exercise alone. Patient adherence and consistency with the exercise program are some of the best predictors of outcome long-term. I’m committed to changing the narrative of ACL injuries from one of fear and devastation, to hope and empowerment of patients through self-management strategies! #choosephysio, #Cruciateligament

Helen Potter FACP

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