Chronic pain Facts

One in five Australians will suffer chronic pain in their lifetime.
This 20% does not include the minor aches and sprains of life;

it is persistent/chronic pain, with potentially significant and long-term health effects.
If you consider the prevalence of diabetes, which is 5% (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare),
Chronic pain, at 20%, is setting itself to be a keydriver of suffering and disability now and in the future.

80% will miss out on treatment that could improve their
health and quality of life.

This number says it all: we are not doing enough for our pain patients.
Chronic pain at a cost of $34 billion/year is the nation’s third most costly health
problem, behind cardiovascular and musculoskeletal
We generally never hear anything about chronic pain in the media and it is very rarely recognised as a health problem. This is why we say
that chronic pain is ‘the silent epidemic’; no one is talking about it.

From Victorian Pain Specialist Web Site 2018

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