Physiotherapy: Helps restore your body’s health.  

  • Why put up with aches and pains, or lost activity?
  • Seek help now not later for more efficient outcomes


Helps improve your quality of life,

Lets you enjoy activity with less pain.

Live a healthier life.


Physiotherapy is a science-based health-care discipline that helps:

  • Ease your pain
  • Achieve more efficient body movement
  • Regain optimal function

Physiotherapy uses:

  • Diagnosis and classification of disorders
  • Treatment and management of pain
  • Posture and movement rehabilitation
  • Exercise prescription
  • Injury prevention
  • Health promotion

Australian Physiotherapists:

  • Are at the forefront of world research into pain
  • Help people of all ages
  • Understand that movement is central to health and well-being
  • Use gentle drug-free techniques to promote and restore physical and psychological health
  • Have the skills to implement treatments methodically
  • Teach you home exercises
  • Use clinical reasoning and excellent diagnostic skills
  • Have advanced knowledge of musculoskeletal health and pain management

You can trust an APA physiotherapist  have your goals and your care as priority

In Touch Physiotherapy Consultations include:

  • An interview where I listen to your story and hear your goals.
  • A comprehensive examination of your posture and movement.
  • Detailed analysis to reach a diagnosis.
  • Scientific evidence and effective dynamic treatment. 
  • You receiving the best rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Progress and modification of treatment.

What benefits will I gain from In Touch Physiotherapy?

  • You will understand  your problem.
  • Gain better movement
  • Have less pain and better self management of pain episodes
  • Enjoy progressive exercises
  • Incorporate self-treatment into your lifestyle

Why is my care appreciated?

  • My passion is to empower you to understand what is wrong
  • My aim is to inspire you to take part actively in your recovery
  • My priority is to improve the quality of your life as soon as possible


Contact In Touch Physiotherapy

to live a fuller life with less pain and discomfort.


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