pre op physio is not a waste of time for acl

Posted by Helen Potter on 12 January 2019 | Filed under Uncategorized

Not all ACL injuries require a reconstruction. In fact, 49% of patients, in a study by Frobell et al (2015), showed exercise therapy lead to good results – 5 years after ACL injury.

This comprised pre-op strengthening and neuromuscular training. It resulted in greater knee function, better quality of life and a greater likelihood of returning back to pre-injury sport at 2yrs follow up (Failla et al., 2016 & Grindem et al., 2014).

Osteoarthritic changes and function/quality of life were no different between the ACL reconstruction group and the no surgery group at  5yr follow up.

For those choosing to have an ACL reconstruction, they should complete at least 5 weeks of pre-op physio.


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